Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rest and Recovery

I can pretty much sum up my end of season rest and recovery time period in two words:

Dexter and Nutella!

Just kidding. Kind of. The plan was to take two full weeks off training and then two weeks of easy stuff. My body decided to tell me that I needed a third week off when I came down with a nasty sinus infection. At first, I was disappointed to get sick, but after further thought, I considered myself lucky that this happened now and not a month ago. So my plan is to listen to my body and relax, there will be plenty of time to train in the future.

Things I have done the past three weeks:
     * Spend time with family and friends
     * Watch every episode of Dexter (up to season 5 so far)
     * Eat Nutella...lots of it!
     * Stay up late and sleep in 
Things I have NOT done the past three weeks:
     * Laundry (I realize how much I usually do with all my sweaty clothes)
     * Eat a gel, bar or drink perform
     * Soaked in ice baths or salt baths
     * Turned on my Garmin

I have also used this time (and extra energy) to focus on some work (school) items that I have been wanting to do. I plan to take all of my classes to the swimming pool this coming week. I am hoping that a little swim lesson might spark an interest for some young triathletes! 

Also, Thursday evening I am going to the second annual Ballou Skies Champions Gala. This is an really fun night at one of Pittsburgh's hidden gems, Engine House 25. Engine House 25 is this really cool renovated fire house that has a Roberto Clemente Museum, a really beautiful wine cellar, and the most amazing professional photos throughout the building. The evening will have food, my personal favorite wine, and super auction opportunity, all to benefit Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I encourage anyone in the Pittsburgh area to come and experience a great evening. You can find more information here

Now it is time to watch more Dexter!


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