Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back at it!

It has definitely been a while since I have updated - but that is because I am actually finally training again, which makes my life totally crazy busy! In addition to training again, the school year is always nuts, plus Jeremy and I adopted our totally wild and super sweet puppy Gigi, which has been the funnest part of the past  few months...and a whole other training experience. Gigi is a rescue mix originally surviving the streets of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately abandoned and abused dogs are rampant in Puerto Rico, and lucky for us - there are phenomenal organizations that rescue those dogs, give them the care they need, and send them to partner shelters so that they can be adopted to loving and caring families.

In the triathlon world, I started exercising about mid August with a VERY slow build up. I mean one minute run/one minute walk for about a total of 5 minutes running. And my first bike ride was 7 minutes long! It was SO hard for me to hold back, but I knew it was what I needed to do. Over the past month - I have built up to a pretty full schedule (some 20+ hour weeks) which is both very exciting and a little frustrating at times. I am up to about 4.5 hour long rides and 13 mile long runs. Where am I performing right now? My watts and paces aren't fantastic because my cardiovascular fitness and durability is still lacking, but my strength training sessions/intervals are pretty decent. I feel like I am at an all time strongest muscularly which I attribute to all of the strength training that I do now as a regular part of my training schedule.

My new strength training takes place once a week with the absolute best and most knowledgeable trainers around. Rev Sports in Cranberry is 100% the key to my training schedule reaching the volume that it has in less than 2 full months without a single setback. They keep all of my trouble muscles (core/hamstrings/stabilizers) strong and balanced. I have to tell the world that if you live in the Pittsburgh area - you should totally check them out. They have both PT, and a strength training programs - so you can go to them if you want to just strength train. Frank and Aimee REALLY know their stuff, care about you, and help you reach your goals in specific sports.

Other than that - my new goals for the rest of the season....fingers crossed...Ironman Cozumel! Who knows if I will be ready physically??? But I feel like mentally this is the thing I need to do! After so many training sessions last winter by  myself both at 5 am and way into the darkness of the night in 7 degree weather - and so many setbacks - I feel like I need an end of season race to justify all of that early season training. The few people that I have told that I am doing the race think I am either absolutely nuts or they are worried that I am doing too much too soon. The only thing that I am certain of - is that I am in the right hands. I know that Frank and Aimee will keep me as strong as possible and Coach Jesse will give me the best possible plan to have me as ready as I am going to be. Super excited!

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