Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 Triathlon Season

YA! I am so excited it is finally here! I pretty much missed most of last season - so I am beyond excited to get this season started this weekend at Florida 70.3. I am also super excited that I managed to make it through the worst winter weather I have ever experienced. MANY long trainer rides, runs with (seriously) 3+ layers, and frigid morning swims, no escapes. I did it! Only one little bump in the road. After running all winter on snowy and icy roads, the last big snowfall did me in. I started what was to be a 12ish mile run, when 3 miles in, the snow started piling up. Of course I kept going and ended up 6 miles out with a little tweak to my calf from all of the sliding in the snow. Of course if I am 6 miles out, 15 degrees, and 2 inches of snow - I have to keep running, right? Silly me! Anyways - my tweaked calf turned into almost 4 weeks of no running because of a very deep soleus strain. I did try to look at the bright side, I spent extra time working on my swim and bike and even did a road race (which i loved!)

Spent many hours right here!

Huge thank you to Amy at Vesla 360 for getting me up and going just in the nick of time. I will go into Florida with all of 5 runs under my belt, but I will be there! Also, I have been keeping up with my strength training 1/wk with Frank and the rest of the crew, and I feel stronger than ever. Since I spend so many hours training by myself, Vesla 360 has provided me with the encouragement and support that I so definitely needed and I can't thank them enough!

I am not going to lie, this winter was tough training hour after hour, almost all by myself. But I have to thank Jesse for getting me back to where I was pre - injury last year. I also have to thank QT2 teammates for inspiring me from afar. I don't know many of them, and I never train with them, but there is still a sense of community that makes you want to be the best you can be.

Finally this year I will again be racing in support and awareness of Ballou Skies. I am eternally grateful to have a healthy heart, and I hope and pray that one day, we all can experience this.

2014 goals:

Florida 70.3
Texas IM
Challenge AC
Timberman 70.3

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  1. JAzzy J!!! I'm so happy to see you back on the start line. I think of you and J often. You have such a positive honest spirit I feel that there is no obstacle you won't overcome. I can't wait to cheer you along for race #1 of "the comeback."

    Swift feet wishes to you.